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Choosing to outsource your IT is scary?
Let us convince you is not.

We’re Reliable

We are IT geeks who have been in this field for over 25 years. We know our stuff, and we are here to help. We value our customers’ trust and we are passionate about our job.
That’s why we are available 24/7 to ensure our services are unmatched in safety, dependability, and customer care. We aren’t happy until you are!

00 Gate Hosting Sostenibile

We’re Green

We created the first zero-emissions data center in Southern Europe. Thanks to our technology, you can take advantage of powerful servers while having NO environmental impact.
We ensure that all our clients become Green Cloud Certified: it looks good on their website and does good to the Earth.

00Gate Green Data Center

Some cool facts about our green data center


% zero impact energy


tons of CO2 emissions saved


love for the environment

Full Outsourcing

Flagship of our services, this is the highest level of outsorcing. We take care of everything, starting from the transfer of your ITC to our servers.


A dedicated engine that, despite being shared, has its own admin access to the resources; a true dedicated virtual server, at a much lower price.


Consulting serivces for systems aimed at planning ERP company resource management and CRM customer relations management.


Have your own hardware in a top-notch, avant-garde Data Center. Secure, anti-hacking, reliable, with constant temperature, guaranteeed uninterrupted functioning and 24/7 controls.

IasS, SaaS, PaaS

Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service, Platform as a Service: resources and services in a customable cloud infrastructure which can also be used for the development and the shared use of tools and applications through web browser.

Sustainable Hosting

Campaign fulfils the most common needs to host a range of internet services (websites, mail, database, etc.) on shared servers with individual disk space but shared machine resources (memory, processor, network access)

Why Choose Us

We don’t look like your average server farm.
Because we aren’t.


Your problem is our problem. We’re great at avoiding issues before they arise. And when they do, we’re always there to answer your calls.


Our infrastructure is engineered to be earthquake-proof, and we actively monitor it 24/7 to ensure protection against hacking intrusions.


We conform to the Standard ECOENERGY of Bioagricoop For the ecological managment of the energy used in this site.


We are in the ICT outsourcing business since 1988. That’s 28 years of living and breathing information technology, programming, network management and technology evolutions.


Data centers pollute as much as the aviation industry. e wanted to be different, so we designed our data farm to be 100% environmentally friendly.


We are a B-Corporation. We use business as a force of good. We’re do-gooders, and we walk the talk. Our green data farm stands as proof of the utmost commitment to environmental concerns.


Here’s how we move you to the green cloud in three easy steps

Assessment & Virtualization

This is the first step of the process.
We analyze and assess your current IT, and we transform the old into a virtualized copy or a brand new one.

Take it to the cloud

Now you can enjoy seamless and secure access to top-notch IT services from everywhere.
Discover the perks of having your office at your fingertips, desktop or mobile!

Assessment & Virtualization

While we take care of your ITC, you can focus on what really matters: your business.
We ensure the safety, update, and functioning of the infrastructures, while addressing any issue and avoiding system disruptions.
Simultaneously, we bridge you and your customers to a range of networked solutions that increase your connectivity and efficiency.

00Gate Data Center
00Gate Data Center
00Gate Data Center


See what our customers have to say about us


We were first interested in the green choice but then we also found an extraordinarily passionate team and a top technical infrastructure. We are proud to offer both a great service and sustainability to our customers.

Mirco Bezzi
CEO – Attractive srl
Irecoop Emilia Romagna

Thanks to the choice made with EXE.IT, we can carry out all office work remotely, which gives us further confirmation that it was absolutely right.

Irecoop Emilia Romagna
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Join the movement towards a more sustainable future by partnering with us. Our cutting-edge data center is designed with the environment in mind, boasting zero CO2 emissions and a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.
Get in touch with us today to explore how our innovative data center solutions can benefit your organization while contributing to a greener tomorrow.

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